Papa Louie 4: When Tacos Attack

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Papa Louie 4: When Tacos Attack
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Papa Louie 4: When Tacos Attack

Papa Louie 4: When Tacos Attack is an exciting game in which you will have to do everything to stop the animated food that will quickly attack you. This great game is also developed by Flipline Studios, but you are probably already familiar with it. Finally, there is an opportunity to play your favorite game no flash player, because it is unblocked. Speaking of the game's plot, Papa Louie, as usual, came up with a cool new recipe for the famous food. After he cooked it, it turned out that she came to life. And now what to do with this food? You will need to somehow figure out a way to get rid of the food, but the truth is that it will definitely be very difficult, but you have to manage. It so happened that you are in some village, which means that active actions will take place here.

How to play Papa's 4?

In order to get started, you will need to click on the "Go" button. After that, you find yourself in a small village where vegetables and other ingredients come to life. In addition to them, you can also say that tacos and muffins run along the road. This food
Mexican is very spicy, so it will be extremely difficult to deal with it. Considering that the game is hacked, 15 levels will be available to you. Keep in mind that the further you make your way, the more obstacles and enemies will be on the way. To fight you have a special kitchen appliance that you can use against your enemies. Sometimes there will be stones on the way that prevent you from going further, so they will need to be broken. During the passage, it is important to collect gold coins.

  • Arrow keys - move
  • Z - blow