FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night
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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night is a very famous part of the horror game about the legendary animtronic Freddy. You must have already played four parts of FNAF, so you understand the plot of this scary game. The most famous animatronics are: Chica, Bonnie, Mangle, Foxy, Golden Freddy and many others. In the game that is in front of you you will have to be in the events of a unique night that you have not seen before. You will have to stay in the building for 5 nights. In each night you will come to you horrible animatronics. You play for an ordinary security guard who when you get a job did not expect that it will be so difficult to give his work. The essence of the game is to track the movement of animatronics through web cameras. They will walk around the room and it is very important that you do not run into them, because then you will have big problems. The whole Five Nights at Freddy's series is made on the same principle. The game FNAF UCN is divided into separate locations that you move through with the help of web cameras.

How to play?

The gameplay is very easy and clear. You will need to use your mouse to click on the individual webcams to track where the animatronics are now. Each animatronic is very dangerous to you, so it is highly recommended not to cross paths with them.  You also have a flashlight that you can use to illuminate the dark areas of the building where you are. You will be very creepy from the music and also from the special effects, so be psychologically prepared for it.

What are some objects that will help you win?

  1. Elevator.
  2. Boxes.
  3. Buttons.
  4. Ventilation hatches.
  5. Air conditioner.
  6. Balloons
  • Mouse - use