FNIA Remastered

Ratings: 10 (average 4 from 5)
FNIA Remastered
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FNIA Remastered

Incredible FNIA Remastered game in which you have to meet the very scary heroines of the famous game. The situation is that they can come at night and then you will have big problems. This game is based on the famous FNAF game. The main characters were animatronics. Here is a completely different story, because the main roles will be girls who sing songs. All of them are made in anime style, so if you love this Japanese genre, then welcome to this cool game. Your main task is not to meet these singers on stage at night, because then you can get too scared, and this is clearly unnecessary for you. During the gameplay, you will need to skillfully hide in the building in which you live.

How to play?

To get started, you will need to click on the start button. After that, you appear in a large building where these terrible singers will live. Your task is to run away from the antagonists who will run after you, but this is an extremely difficult process, so you will have to work hard. The whole location is made in anime style, and this gives a very interesting atmosphere to the events taking place.

  • Mouse - action