FNAF Killer In Purple

Ratings: 10 (average 4.2 from 5)
FNAF Killer In Purple
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FNAF Killer In Purple

FNAF Killer In Purple is a very interesting horror game starring the legendary animatronic Freddy and others. This time you will have to play on the side of evil, not good as it was before. Play you will be for the character in a purple suit that penetrates into various buildings, including the pizzeria and begins to destroy all who live there. If before you were very actively running away from animatronics working in the pizzeria, but now everything is completely different. You will need to sneak into the building of the pizzeria and start looking for all the enemies that live there. All the games from FNAF series are very scary, and especially horrible atmosphere will be caused by the musical accompaniment, as well as sounds of unknown origin. You will be able to watch what is going on with the help of web that are placed each of the rooms.

How to play?

Gameplay game on the theme of 5 Nights with Freddy was previously very simple. You just had to watch what was happening through security cameras. Now everything has changed and the game is more advanced. Perform the role of antagonist is very unusual because we always play for good, and here we have to go to the side of evil. Find suspicious objects in the room, they will help you better navigate when performing all tasks. In order to get into the locked doors you will need to find the keys.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - walk