5 Nights At Shrek's Hotel

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5 Nights At Shrek's Hotel
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5 Nights At Shrek's Hotel

Here is a free exciting game 5 Nights At Shrek's Hotel, in which you will have to try 5 difficult nights. Events will take place in the hotel where Shrek settled. The gameplay is very difficult, but you will definitely be able to withstand the terrible onslaught of the famous cartoon character. You will play for an ordinary hero who settled in a hotel and did not expect at all that there would be antagonists there. The worst thing will be when the night comes, because that's when it will be the worst, because there is a danger that Shrek will come unnoticed to you. Walk through different rooms in order to find the antagonist. In order to observe what is happening in the game there is a special surveillance camera. Switch on them in order to figure out where your enemy is now.

How to play?

In order to start playing online, you just need to click on the start button. After that, you appear in a large hotel, where the main events of this game will take place. During the passage of the game you will find many different items that will definitely help you in passing this wonderful but difficult game. If you suddenly meet Shrek, then it will be a real nightmare for you, so do everything so that your meeting does not happen.

  • Mouse - action