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Many games on the theme of Five Nights with Freddy have already appeared, but still this series of games is breaking records of popularity among fans of the horror genre. Interesting fan game FNAF JR's is now available online, so we advise you to try to play it right on this page. More often than not, in each of the games on the theme of Freddy, you had to deal with evil animatronics that want to scare you so badly. The main character used to work as a security guard in a pizzeria. Now you will play as a detective who decided to investigate the area for secrets and oddities. In the area in which you will live, you will meet a scary spirit named Paulbear. Be careful as you may have problems when you encounter him, but with the right approach you can productively explore the area.

How to play?

The gameplay is very similar to how it was in the first four parts of Fnaf. Every night there will be strange events, as you will find out which animatronics are haunted and which are not. Some elements will be in 3d graphics, and will be as well as before 2D graphics, which is more familiar to you. If you will conduct a careful selection of characters that you meet throughout the gameplay, then you will definitely be able to achieve the ultimate goal, that is getting rid of evil.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - walk