Omega Flowey Battle

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Omega Flowey Battle
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Omega Flowey Battle

Omega Flowey is one of the famous monsters from the famous game Undertale. By and large, this is, if not the main antagonist, then definitely one of the main ones. His appearance is very interesting, at first glance he may seem cute. It really looks like a flower, but only in the center there are eyes and facial expressions. It looks terrible, so imagine for yourself that if you found this somewhere in the middle of the field. This boss will be when you choose the neutral path. If you follow other paths, you will not meet him. Here is a real Flyu simulator in which you will need to arrange a battle against him. It is very important to win, because otherwise you will have problems, that is, you will have to start over. You will have to play during the battle, as before for the red heart.

How to play?

To start playing, click on the start button. After that, you will appear in a dungeon in which you can confront enemy forces. This is quite an exciting process, so sit back, because an incredibly interesting battle will begin now. You will be constantly attacked by various forces, but you will need to try to dodge the blows in this battle.


Flowey -

  • Arrows - move
  • Z - action 1
  • X - action 2
  • C - action 3
  • V - act 4
  • B - action 5
  • N and M - battle

Frisk -

  • Arrows - move
  • 0 - attack