Undertale Multiplayer

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Undertale Multiplayer
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Undertale Multiplayer

On this page you can play a very interesting game called Undertale Multiplayer online. In this game, you can finally play your favorite game not in single player mode, but in 2 player mode. In the story, you play as a little boy who finds himself in a very difficult position somewhere underground. Of course, that it becomes uncomfortable for him there, and he is trying in every possible way to get out of the situation in which he has fallen. In order to get out of the dungeon you will need to meet on your way with a large number of different monsters. You will have to fight some monsters, and you can offer friendship to some opponents. Invite friends to fight against each other in battle, and not against the computer with which you previously fought in all battles.

How to play?

It all starts with the fact that you are in a snowy area. There are a large number of monsters there. You will play for the main character named Chara. The first real opponent will be Sans, whom you will have to fight against. It will be extremely difficult, because he is a skeleton, which means that he has a lot of experience in dungeons, so it will be difficult for you. Think about whether you choose the path of genocide, or the path of pacifism is better.

  • 1 player - arrows
  • 2 player - a, s, d, w