Undyne the Undying

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Undyne the Undying
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Undyne the Undying

If you are a fan of the Undertale game, then you will definitely like the game Undyne the Undying very much, because this is a great dungeon-themed mod. You will have to face a lot of different monsters, which are very strong. You will play, as before, for Chara, who walks through the dungeon. His task is to do everything to get out of the area in which he got. During the battle with monsters, you will play as a small red heart. Your task is to win the battle. You will have the opportunity to choose the path that this battle will take. It can be the path of pacifism, or the path of genocide. In order to understand what is best suited in a given situation, you will need to carefully read the dialogues that will be constantly visible on the screen.

How to play?

In order to start you will need to join the battle with the first monster that comes across. After that, carefully look at the screen, where it will be written what you need to do. Carefully control the scale of life, because it will be possible to judge how much life you still have left. The game can be played online without downloading to a computer.

  • mouse - action